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BioSpectrum Startup Of The Day – DRiefcase

India’s 1st ABDM-integrated health locker

Inception– 2016

Location– Mumbai

Domain– Digital Healthcare

Founders– Harsh Parikh and Sohit Kapoor

Key highlights

  • DRiefcase is a complete health-tech solutions platform for both patients & medical practitioners, with two interconnected, complementary apps on a common platform
  • DRiefcase is a Patient Personal Health Record (or the PHR) platform, and is India’s first health locker to integrate into the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM)
  • Provides secure, easy-to-use access to personal health records enabling users to maintain their family medical records online and access them anytime in a matter of seconds
  • DRiefcase Connect is a practice management solution for doctors- a comprehensive clinic management platform for individual doctors, polyclinics and small hospitals to improve productivity and manage their practice, again, with an unmatched focus on personal health records
  • Immediate-term goal is to acquire a user base of 5 million in the next 18 to 24 months.
  • Focusing on creating awareness about personal health lockers and educating the masses about creating their unique health account numbers called Ayushman Bharat Health Account Number (or the ABHA Number) and coming onboard the network
  • To evolve from a health locker to a health companion
  • To increase footprint on the health information economy as ABDM evolves

Founder speaks

“I would say that if the earlier waves of tech belonged to e-commerce and finance, then the next wave will belong to health. Data is the biggest benefit that a truly digital healthcare system can yield. This can be a real game changer for not only the patient and the doctor but also for all other players in the broader ecosystem such as pharma companies and insurance companies. Needless to say, a robust data privacy policy framework will be needed to achieve this.”

– Sohit Kapoor, Co-founder, Driefcase, Mumbai

News Link – https://www.biospectrumindia.com/features/85/20866/startupoftheday-132-driefcase.html



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