Steps to setup a ABDM integrated DRiefcase health locker

While the current user journey involves the use of 2 apps, we are working on including the permission feature in DRiefcase and soon you will not need to have the separate ABDM / NDHM health records app (whether you are on Android or iOS).

Create Your Health ID

Download ABDM / NDHM health records app

  • Next, you download the ABDM / NDHM health records app (Android only) from
  • This app helps you to grant permissions for sharing of records. We are working on including the permission feature in DRiefcase and soon you will not need to have the separate ABDM / NDHM health records app (whether you are on Android or iOS).
  • You can log into the health records app using the Health ID and password set earlier.
  • The health records app has a tab called Requests. This is where you need to give your consents from.

Register with DRiefcase

Link Health ID to DRiefcase

  • Once registered, you can add a Health ID by to your account by tapping the (+) button on the “Add Health ID” section of the main menu.
  • Then, search your Health ID. Once the Health ID is successfully found a consent request is raised by us to add DRiefcase as a health locker in your ABDM / NDHM account.

Give consent from the ABDM / NDHM health records app

  • The locker registration request can be seen in the requests section of the ABDM / NDHM health records app. The request has three parts:
  • [1] Subscription - whenever a new record is linked to your Health ID, the locker is informed about it. You can choose which providers should inform the locker. We recommend choosing ALL as that covers all new health providers you may go to in future

    [2] Auto consent - This sets the locker in the auto update mode so that you don’t need to keep pulling records into the locker. The locker will stay updated by itself as long as you provide your Health ID to your healthcare provider. To be clear here, this pertains to incoming records only. No records will be shared out from the locker without your specific permission.

    [3] Consent to link your DRiefcase records to your Health ID - As such, this would require an OTP confirmation. However, we understand that OTP process can be quite tedious if you have to upload and link multiple records. This consent avoids the need of the OTP. However, at the time you upload any record, DRiefcase will prompt you to check whether you would like to link the record to your Health ID or not

Accept on DRiefcase

  • The final step is to go back to DRiefcase and save the Health ID
  • Once the Health ID is linked to the DRiefcase account, all the records linked to that health ID will be pulled in to the locker in a few minutes.
  • You will be able to see all the records under your name.

Add records to your DRiefcase locker

  • DRiefcase allows you to upload records in multiple ways.
  • You can click a picture of the document and upload or you can email it to your DRiefcase ID.
  • DRiefcase can scan and upload all your medical records through the Scan at Home and Pick-Up & Drop services as well.

Accept on DRiefcase

  • Once uploaded you can link the health records to your Health ID.
  • Simply press the circle next to the document to open the edit menu. Then click on the link button. You can choose the header you want for such records.
  • The linking will take a few minutes.

Add family members to your DRiefcase account

  • DRiefcase is a family account so you can add your family members and link their Health IDs in a similar manner.