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Who We Are

DRIEFCASE is India’s first ABDM (Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission) integrated PHR platform, enabling the user and their family to securely maintain and access their medical records anytime, from anywhere using DRIEFCASE Health Locker app.

DRIEFCASE also has an inter-connected highly personalized clinic management system for Doctors and Providers – DRIEFCASE Connect – to help bring operational efficiency and work towards the common goal of improved health outcomes for all. DRIEFCASE Connect, is a comprehensive practice management platform for individual doctors, polyclinics and small hospitals that helps improve productivity for Doctors.

DRIEFCASE, our patient-centric platform, has an unmatched focus on personal health records management that provides ease of upload and ensures fast retrieval in a matter of seconds. This can be very critical during a crisis or when managing health remotely.

At DRIEFCASE we go above and beyond to help our users achieve better health outcomes. We are the only platform in India that provides Scan at Home services to help digitize your medical history. On request our teams can come to your home and scan all your records including radiology reports like X-rays and MRIs.

Our Vision

‶Our vision is to bridge the information gap between patients and caregivers and through them, other stakeholders in the ecosystem, such as pharma companies, insurance companies and the government.″

Meet the founders

Harsh Parikh
Harsh Parikh
Sohit Kapoor
Sohit Kapoor
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