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For You

Become ABDM-ready. Seamlessly integrate your solution into ABDM

Use our Plug and Play ABDM API Connector or a ready to use Bridge

Become ABDM-ready

Gain 100% control of your health records


ABDM Connector

Plug & Play API suite to help seamlessly integrate various solutions into ABDM

Support for all ABDM functionalities

Option to use the shared cloud infrastructure or private cloud

Partner will need to clear the Sandbox exit process

About Repositories / Bridges

SaaS Offering for HIPs / HIUs to communicate with ABDM Gateway

Support for all ABDM care provider functionalitites

Partner does need to clear the Sandbox exit process

We will accelerate the integration process for your health care and health tech enterprises so you can do better by focusing on core business areas.

We have the proven ability for each phase of ABDM to obtain the ABDM certification for you in a seamless and cost-effective manner

The DRIEFCASE Advantage

SaaS based Plug & Play Solution for ABDM

Agile & Flexible Pricing

Robust Documentation & Responsive Tech Support

Highly Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Faster time to market

Integrate into the ABDM with DRiefcase

ABDM is changing the way healthcare is delivered in India. With seamless interconnection of health data will all stakeholders and patients

Plug in to the ABDM ecosystem with DRIEFCASE ABDM Connectors

Empowering Digital India to access longitudinal health data easily

Solutions for Caregivers

Make your lab / clinic / hospital ABDM-integrated and connect seamlessly with India’s health network

Solutions For Insurance

Bring your customers on board the ABDM and give them access to Health Locker & PHR capabilities

Solutions for Health-tech

Plug your solutions to ABDM ecosystem. Get access to longitudinal health data with ease and at low cost to foster productivity and innovation


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