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Weight Loss Begins In The Mind!

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For weight loss to be permanent, you must also learn a new way to live, not just a new way to diet.

Successful weight control depends solely upon you – not on a diet product, not on a workout program – but purely on you! As it turns out that the key to losing and keeping weight off isn’t simply a matter of what you eat or how much you exercise – it’s your attitude too. Simply put, be patient. Don’t be a perfectionist – we are all only human.

Slow and steady wins the race

Rome wasn’t built in a day – don’t expect those love handles to melt like ice-cream on a Caribbean beach; they won’t. Consistency is important. Set yourself regular targets and review them regularly. An important message here: celebrate small victories – they do as much for mental as for physical health. That is not to say grab a huge cheesecake but allow a few cheat nuts or a small piece of dark chocolate every time you cross a milestone. Hey, you’ve earned it!

Know yourself first and be realistic

To start with, set realistic goals for yourself that show results which are bound to make you happy. You are bound to have cheat days – you can’t change that! So, if you do indulge a wee bit on a particular day, don’t fret. BUT stay focused.

Educate yourself constantly about what you are ingesting into your system. Learn to identify your own hunger patterns. Do you binge when you’re extremely upset? Do you go overboard when you see a perfectly healthy individual being able to enjoy her Mac-n-Cheese while you are on salads? Only once you identify them, can you learn how to control pangs of hunger.  

Get your cheering team going 

Your friends and family have a massive part to play here. They must play messiah to your efforts. Nothing’s worse than watching your best friend polish off a Christmas cake and an entire bottle of the bubbly, while you chomp on celery sticks and lime water. Nothing! Find support groups and other people with similar goals.

So, stop being a trout, swimming upstream all by yourself. Your own discipline might just surprise you!

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Weight Loss Begins In The Mind!

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