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Tips To Prevent Migraine

Migraines are more than just bad headaches; they often bring along nausea, vomiting and extreme sensitivity to light and noise. If you’re one of the

5 Home Remedies to Lower Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol levels, especially elevated levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, can significantly increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Fortunately, there are natural

Haemorrhoids: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

We understand that experiencing discomfort, pain, itchiness or swelling around the anal opening or noticing traces of blood during bowel movements, can be distressing. These

Tips to Boost Your Child’s Immune System

Parents generally strive to keep their children healthy and secure. One critical part of guaranteeing their well-being is boosting their immune system that keeps them

Health Benefits of Eating Less Sodium

While it is essential to consume a balanced diet, focusing on the amount of sodium we consume is especially crucial. Sodium, a mineral tracked down

Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Did you know high blood pressure or hypertension can pose serious risks to your health? Unchecked BP increases the chances of heart disease, stroke and

5 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Doctor

With limited time for patient visits and increasing lifestyle-related health issues, it’s crucial to make the most of every doctor’s appointment. Wondering how? Here are

5 Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D, often referred to as the sunshine vitamin, plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal health. It aids in the absorption of calcium and

How To Prevent & Reverse Fatty Liver

Do you often feel tired and sluggish despite a good night’s sleep? Do you struggle with unexplained weight gain or difficulty losing weight no matter

5 Home Remedies To Help Ease Your Back Pain

While there are various causes of back pain, including injury, poor posture and muscle strain, the discomfort can be quite debilitating. Thankfully, there are several

Everything You Need To Know About Migraine

Migraine is a common and disabling neurological disorder. According to the Global Burden of Disease Study (2019), global migraine prevalence was at 14–15% and growing,

12 Superfoods That Can Reverse Diabetes

If you’re living with diabetes, it’s essential to ensure your diet is healthy and nutritious for your health. An excellent way to start is eating

Varicose Veins: Common Causes & Treatment

Varicose veins are a common condition caused by weak or damaged vein walls and valves. Varicose veins are abnormal blood vessels that typically develop in

4 Water Therapies for Weight Loss

The weight loss journey is grueling and requires the highest commitment and discipline. To our rescue, there is one natural element that helps in shedding

Have A Healthy Vacation

Does your diet go on a vacation too when you’re traveling? Traveling can often pose challenges to those on a diet. A vacation is usually

How To Deal With Obesity In Infants

Childhood or infant obesity is increasingly one of the complex health problems in children today. Some of the known causes of obesity in infants are

Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Sides

“Looks like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning”. There is truth to this expression, as research indicates that your

Is Your Skin Winter-Ready?

It’s that time of the year to pull out all your tucked-in winter clothes with mothballs from the attic!  The cold days of winter can

Feeling Good Begins In The Gut

56% of Indian families report digestive health problems (Healthvision). Understanding gut health mainly prepares you to differentiate heartburn from its popular cousin heart attack. The

The Whole Truth About Botox

33 years since this elixir of youth is helping people hold back time! Yeah, until a few years back, it was easy to boo-boo Botox

Why You Should Try Reverse Walking

Ever tried walking backwards? To many of us, it may seem silly or useless. On the contrary, it provides loads of perks for your physical

Be ‘Label’ Cautious

Are you reading the information on labels on your packaged foods correctly? We don’t think so…Food labels are often more convoluted than they appears to

The Truth About Fitness For Life

5,20,00,00,000 results in 0.61 seconds. That’s the number of articles you will find on Google when you search for fitness, and let’s not even get

How To Make Sense of Your Dreams

I jumped off the plane for a 14000 feet dive. That very moment I jolted awake from the dream and took a few minutes to

Weight Loss Begins In The Mind!

For weight loss to be permanent, you must also learn a new way to live, not just a new way to diet. Successful weight control

Coloring Is Just For Kids – Says Who?

Tired? Stressed? Feeling Over-burdened? Need to meditate? Try coloring! Art therapy is increasingly considered as one of the most effective forms of therapy, with colouring

The Physiology of Anger

What takes place inside your body when you lose your temper? In the wide spectrum of emotions we experience, anger features prominently amongst the lot.

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