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The Truth About Fitness For Life

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5,20,00,00,000 results in 0.61 seconds. That’s the number of articles you will find on Google when you search for fitness, and let’s not even get started with the slew of fitness apps available in the market. 

When it comes to crushing those fitness goals, have you wondered why some of us are razor focused with unwavering determination while many of us grapple with our goals? We might have the answers you are looking for!

You desperately want to get into that perfect shape you have always dreamt of. You sign up for a gym and even consult a nutritionist to craft a personalized plan that is going to work fantabulously for you. Fast forward, a couple of months later, you have lost a few kgs but you feel frustrated as you don’t see the results you hoped for and you altogether give up. You succumb to your old unhealthy lifestyle, and yet again fitness becomes a distant dream. This vicious cycle sounds too familiar, isn’t it? The underpinning issue is that our fitness goals are often inspired by what others do and what others tell us we should do. We end up chasing something which we did not even want in the first place. 

Say hello to “Feel good fitness”! 

Feel Good Fitness is as simple as it can get. It’s a mind frame where no particular form of exercise is thrust upon you. The idea is that no one should ever feel intimidated by fitness. You simply adopt what works best for you. This means if walking is the only thing you enjoy the most, you do more of that and not worry about those dreadful heavy weights which were never your jam. The result is you are being yourself, celebrating everything that makes you uniquely you. Feel Good Fitness is for people of all ages to feel their best through exercise, good nutrition, and socialization. It is a simple funda that if you don’t love your fitness regime, you won’t make it your lifestyle.

Tips to practice Feel Good Fitness:

  1. Follow the cues: Discover what feels best to your unique body when you think of exercise. Time to think beyond the gym. We are talking about dancing, hiking, tai chi, boxing, Zumba, tennis, yoga, HIT, or even horse riding!
  2. Make it your lifestyle: Instead of looking at fitness as a short-term transformation goal, marinate the thought that fitness is here to stay for the long run. 
  3. Keep it real: Take no stress if you have had a few cheat days in a week. The idea is to exercise whenever and wherever you can in whatever budget you can. 
  4. Track progress:  Does Feel Good Fitness means you no longer push yourself hard? Absolutely not. Once you have found your true fitness calling, you will without force exercise more, feel happy and healthy, and eventually shed those extra kgs at your own pace. 

So are you ready to redefine what fitness means to you!?

The Truth About Fitness For Life

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