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Four Things To Do Today For Healthy Aging

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A 55-year-old farmer appeared for the NEET exam! And hey, Manju Ji started her restaurant when she was 80. When we hear such norm-shattering news, it does make us think that age is really just a number, isn’t it? 

And rightly so, as Betty Friedan, an American feminist writer once said, “Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength”.

The only limitations are the ones you set for yourself!

For most of us, aging is no fun. At least I think of an older, shrunk, and bespectacled version of myself hobbling my way along with a stick. Very melodramatic, I know!

Anyway, many of us believe that old people lack memory, cognitive skills, interest in sex or intimacy, and certainly the strength for heavy exercise. Well here’s to bursting the myths, none of these are true! One’s health does deteriorate a bit over the years, but with good care, your old age will be more than just hospital visits and feeling glum; it will be fulfilling, and rewarding. You get to pursue leisure activities and hobbies you always wanted.

So here are the top four things you should start doing soon to age well

Get moving: Exercising and staying physically active lays a strong foundation for healthy aging. Pick a sustainable form of workout that you think you will enjoy doing when you are 60. 

Healthy eating: Make smart food choices today to age gracefully. Be mindful of your solid fats, processed foods, refined sugars, and unhealthy fats consumption. It is a great idea to start consuming less salt to keep your blood pressure down.

Visit the doctor regularly: Screening tests twice a year can catch a health condition even before it starts showing symptoms, helping you take preventive measures. Here is an indicative list of tests that you need to start in your 30s and continue through to your 50s – Complete Blood Count test, blood pressure test, blood sugar test, lipid profile, ECG test, liver function test, urine analysis, vitamin D and calcium levels, dental check-up- and the following tests particularly for women- Mammogram, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone test, and pap smear. 

Build your tribe: The fact is that humans are social creatures, and we thrive on human interactions, well for most of us at least. A research study conducted over a period of five years highlights that older folk with strong social networks are less likely to develop symptoms of dementia and maintain good physical and mental health. Time to make that pact with your buddies to grow older together!

Let’s embrace the wiser, more mature, and better future version of us!

Four Things To Do Today For Healthy Aging

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