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4 Indoor Plants That Are Good For Your Health

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Planning to bring home new plants? Great idea! After all, some plants not just add colour and life to your home but they also purify the air and are easy to take care of. Here are 4 best indoor plant options to choose from…

1. Spider Plant

This is supposed to be one of the best air purifying plants for home. It’s known to increase oxygen levels and remove harmful chemicals in the air like toluene, carbon monoxide, xylene and formaldehyde. Another good reason to bring a spider plant home is because it’s also believed to be therapeutic. A lot of studies suggest that spider plants can help reduce stress levels. Since home is our happy place, who wouldn’t want to experience a stress-free, easy vibe after a tiring day? Not to forget, spider plants can survive in low light as well as direct sunlight and they don’t die even if you end up overwatering or underwatering it.  

2. Snake Plant

This is another great houseplant known for improving indoor air quality. They remove toxins from the air, release oxygen and add moisture to the air, which reduces the impact of airborne allergens like dust. Snake plants are tall, so apart from improving breathing they’re also great fillers for empty corners in your room. Plus, they’re low maintenance plants and don’t need to be watered daily. They can be placed in the bedroom to avoid sun, but it’s also advisable to sometimes place them in direct sunlight.

3. Aloe Vera Plant

Apart from being known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties, they’re also great air purifying plants to have at home. Did you know, they also filter out formaldehyde, which can be found in wood varnishes and carpets? Yes, you read that right! As far as health benefits are concerned, aloe vera juice is an excellent source of vitamins C, A & E. In fact, according to NASA, aloe vera is the best plant to have at home, as it continuously releases oxygen throughout the night while simultaneously taking in carbon dioxide. Also, you need not water them daily. Once a week is good enough unless the plant is in a very hot, dry environment.

4. Rosemary Plant

This is a popular herb that’s not only used for fresh air indoors but also for tea or cooking purposes. In fact, if you’re tired of mosquitoes at home, rosemary is the perfect solution for you. This herb has a woody smell that keeps the mosquitoes away. You just need to water it once a week or once the soil is dry and place it in direct sunlight frequently. Don’t overwater the plant as it may clog its roots. In fact, they grow equally well in garden beds or in pots placed in the balcony.

4 Indoor Plants That Are Good For Your Health

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