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Digitizing Your Health Records is now Easy

Scan hundreds of health records without lifting a finger using DRiefcase premium scanning services


Avail 30% off on our Premium Scanning Services

Organize Your Health with DRIEFCASE

Let us lighten your load by taking care of health records for you and your family

We understand that managing medical records may not always be the top priority in your busy routines. But, let us ensure that it doesn’t get ignored until it is a necessity or, too late

DRIEFCASE can help you make your and your family’s health a priority. We know the value of convenience and we are pleased to go above and beyond to help our users achieve better health outcomes. DRIEFCASE is therefore the only health platform in India that provides Premium Digitization & Scanning Services to help digitize your and your family’s medical history from the convenience of your home.

So what are you waiting for? Fill the form to request a scan at Home service and join the digital health revolution today! It only takes a minute!

Fill out the form and join the digital health revolution today!

DRIEFCASE Premium Digitization & Scanning Services

To ensure no time is wasted, DRIEFCASE offers the following services

Scan at Home

  • DRiefcase personnel will scan and upload the documents at your premises.
  • Quick product tour for you and your family to avail all benefits.
  • Available in selected cities only

Pick up & Drop

  • DRiefcase will collect the documents from your premises, scan and return them
  • Available all over India

Request a Digital Backup

  • Once your records are uploaded, DRiefcase can send you a digital copy of all your records on a flash drive / CD
  • Available all over India

Get my Records

  • Courier/hand-deliver your medical records to DRiefcase
  • Pick them up or request for a deliver to your premises or we will send them to you at no cost
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