10 Best Foods for a Sharper & Smarter Brain

10 Best Foods for a Sharper & Smarter Brain Brain is the most vital organ in the body, responsible for controlling our thoughts, emotions, memories, and overall cognitive function. Just like any other organ, the brain requires proper nourishment to function optimally. Incorporating certain foods in your regular diet can significantly support brain health and […]

5 Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency

5 Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency Vitamin D, often referred to as the sunshine vitamin, plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal health. It aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, promotes bone health, supports immune function and contributes to overall well-being. However, despite its importance, many people worldwide suffer from vitamin D deficiency. […]

Why You Don’t Need Vitamin B12 Supplement

Why you should care about B12, the less famous cousin of the vitamin family. B12 builds your DNA, pumps red blood cells, and keeps the nervous system healthy. Besides making your skin and hair gorgeous, B12 reduces the risk of a heart attack and puts you in a happy mood by keeping depression at bay. […]

Choose Your Dinner And Midnight Snacks Wisely For A Good Sleep

It’s no secret that nutrition and sleep play a fundamental role in our health, but we often overlook the complex and important relationships between them. Diet and nutrition can influence the quality of your sleep, and certain foods and drinks can make it easier or harder to get the sleep you need. Sleep like a […]

Feeling Good Begins In The Gut

56% of Indian families report digestive health problems (Healthvision). Understanding gut health mainly prepares you to differentiate heartburn from its popular cousin heart attack. The microorganisms living in the intestines are called Gut Microbiomes. We have about 200 different species of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in our digestive tracts. While some microorganisms are harmful to […]

Do Multivitamin Tablets Make Us More Healthy?

So where were we? In our previous blog, we spoke about food supplements 101. Now onto a more important question, what it means for Indians? Are vitamin supplements good or bad? Thanks to plenty of articles doing the rounds about the harmful effects of vitamin overdosing? Let’s break it down into a few simple steps […]

How To Figure Out If You Need Food Supplements

92% of medical bills in India had Zincovit in June 2020. Remember, how in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sale of immunity supplements skyrocketed? Wondering if this was just a fad or are Indians continuing to consume vitamins, minerals, and supplements (VMS) more frequently?  Preventive health and holistic well-being are on top of […]

Be ‘Label’ Cautious

Are you reading the information on labels on your packaged foods correctly? We don’t think so…Food labels are often more convoluted than they appears to our busy minds, camouflaging essential information within it.  Look out for Serving size  Simply put, size matters. The nutrition table gives the quantum of nutrients PER SERVING. So the size […]

Why Fat-Free Diet Isn’t Trouble Free

Low-fat diets are the all-time fad, but are they truly healthy? Here’s what you need to know about going low-fat and why a fat-free diet for weight loss isn’t always trouble-free. What Happens When You Don’t Have Enough Fat In Your Diet? Healthy fats enable the body to absorb soluble fats and vital nutrients. By […]

How To Avoid Sugar In Your Children’s Diet

The tantrums were unbearable and you caved in. You feel a pang of guilt as you reluctantly give the chocolate to your baby who is threatening you with top-notch crying skills. As parents, we often battle with what’s right vs what’s convenient. We are well aware of the harmful effects of sugar and how it […]