How digital health lockers are revolutionising healthcare records in India

DRIEFCASE - Your Health Ki Tijori

In this episode of the State of the Economy podcast, Sohit Kapoor, co-founder of Driefcase, talks about the world of digital health lockers and their role in the Indian healthcare ecosystem. The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) aims to digitise the Indian healthcare landscape, providing citizens with a unique identifier called the Ayushman Bharat Health […]

DRiefcase integrates with WhatsApp to enhance user experience in storing personal healthcare records

DRiefcase integrates with WhatsApp to enhance user experience in storing personal healthcare records Being India’s first NHA approved PHR app, it helps users directly store personal medical records into their accounts by directly uploading them over WhatsApp. National Health Authorty (NHA) approved DRiefcase has integrated with WhatsApp to enhance user experience in storing personal healthcare records (PHR). […]

The role of DRiefcase in advancing GOI’s ABDM

The role of DRiefcase in advancing GOI’s ABDM Harsh Parikh, Founder, DRiefcase highlights the role of DRiefcase in the management of digital medical records The next time you pick up your phone to make a payment or take out a micro-loan, you owe to the UPI infrastructure that allows you this convenience in India. And […]

Introducing India’s First Health Locker by DRiefcase

GlobalSpa gets in conversation with Sohit Kapoor and Harsh Parikh, Founders, DRiefcase, India’s first and only health platform in India that helps digitise a family’s medical history from the convenience of one’s home. With an aim to aid users maintain healthcare records more efficiently and in a consolidated manner, investment bankers and IIM-B alumni Sohit […]

APP of the day – DRiefcase

DRIEFCASE - Your Health Ki Tijori

DRiefcase – Interview with the developer of a fantastic app Did you have any prior development or coding experience? Technically, yes. Sohit has a brief experience of working with Patni Computers Services as a software engineer. Having said that, before starting Driefcase, both Sohit and Harsh worked for over a decade as investment bankers at […]

NHA approves DRiefcase as PHR(Personal Health Records) app for Ayushman Bharat


The National Health Authority (NHA) has approved DRiefcase, as PHR (Personal Health Records) app for Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) roll-out. DRiefcase will enable users to share health information under the ABDM framework with doctors and healthcare service providers. ABDM is a digital framework that will connect patients, doctors and other healthcare stakeholders nationwide to […]

Union budget 2022: Centre to stress on digital health care

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission on September 27, which the finance minister had said will be rolled out this year. India will digitise the country’s health care delivery system by building registries of health providers and facilities, providing unique health identity to all residents, preparing a consent framework and […]

BioSpectrum Startup Of The Day – DRiefcase


India’s 1st ABDM-integrated health locker Inception– 2016 Location– Mumbai Domain– Digital Healthcare Founders– Harsh Parikh and Sohit Kapoor Key highlights– Founder speaks– “I would say that if the earlier waves of tech belonged to e-commerce and finance, then the next wave will belong to health. Data is the biggest benefit that a truly digital healthcare system […]

Tier II & III markets & healthcare technology – the big opportunity

Whether it is AIDS, Malaria or now, COVID-19, infectious outbreaks follow a grim pattern. Diseases hurt certain sections of the community more than the others. Healthcare in India has always been a tale of two cities and averages are hardly representative of the ground realities in rural and semi-urban areas of the country. This asymmetry […]

How India will lead the next century when it comes to healthcare digitization

The launch of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission has given a boost to healthcare digitization. ABDM aims to improve the quality, accessibility, transparency, and affordability of healthcare in India by bringing together different stakeholders under a digital ecosystem. The world has been looking towards India over the past decade for two reasons – sharing its demographic […]