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The National Health Authority (NHA) has approved DRiefcase, as PHR (Personal Health Records) app for Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) roll-out. DRiefcase will enable users to share health information under the ABDM framework with doctors and healthcare service providers.

ABDM is a digital framework that will connect patients, doctors and other healthcare stakeholders nationwide to facilitate safe and secure movement of health information. First announced by Prime Minister Modi in August 2020, ABDM will take India closer to universal health coverage.

Commenting on the approval, Sohit Kapoor, Founder, director, DRiefcase, said, “Digital technology will be the springboard for India’s leap into an integrated healthcare ecosystem that delivers better quality care, superior patient experience, faster insurance processing, and ultimately universal health coverage.
Approved for ABDM roll-out, we are cognizant of the trust placed not only in our technology but also our vision to bridge the information gap that is holding back the potential of our healthcare sector.” The integration will allow users to create their own Ayushman Bharat Health Account (or ABHA address), and ensure that the created medical records are issued to the correct individual or accessed by a health information user only after proper consent is granted. This will ensure safe and efficient flow of information and hence bridge the information gap that exists between patients and caregivers,
and through them, the other stakeholders in the ecosystem, such as pharma companies, insurance companies and governments. Users will also be able to link existing records in their health locker into ABDM.

DRiefcase will be the first platform in India to provide a fully integrated user-side
experience of the ABDM. Patients can download the DRiefcase mobile app for
free from the App Store or from Google’s Play Store to upload, store and share
their medical records

News Link – https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/health-it/nha-approves-driefcase-as-phrpersonal-health-records-app-for-ayushman-bharat/89240011