Health Benefits of Eating Less Sodium

Health Benefits of Eating Less Sodium While it is essential to consume a balanced diet, focusing on the amount of sodium we consume is especially crucial. Sodium, a mineral tracked down in numerous normal foods, is a fundamental nutrient required by the body. In any case, unnecessary sodium intake can give rise to various health […]

4 Water Therapies for Weight Loss

The weight loss journey is grueling and requires the highest commitment and discipline. To our rescue, there is one natural element that helps in shedding that fat sooner. Water, though, does not have any weight loss property by itself; when coupled with the right herbs and spices, when had in the correct quantity, and at […]

Be ‘Label’ Cautious

Are you reading the information on labels on your packaged foods correctly? We don’t think so…Food labels are often more convoluted than they appears to our busy minds, camouflaging essential information within it.  Look out for Serving size  Simply put, size matters. The nutrition table gives the quantum of nutrients PER SERVING. So the size […]

Weight Loss Begins In The Mind!

For weight loss to be permanent, you must also learn a new way to live, not just a new way to diet. Successful weight control depends solely upon you – not on a diet product, not on a workout program – but purely on you! As it turns out that the key to losing and […]