A Type of Cough You Should Never Ignore

Of course, there are many different reasons you might develop a cough; however, in some cases, it can be a sign of a heart problem. Asthma vs. Cardiac cough Cardiac asthma is coughing or wheezing with congestive left heart failure, hypertension, or high blood pressure. This wheezing could be a medical emergency, depending on the […]

Four Nicotine Alternatives To Quit Smoking

4 Nicotine Alternatives To Quit Smoking How we all wish for a magic wand that will help us quit our ill habits such as smoking. For starters, here are some alternatives to smoking.    The Vapes  Vapes, also popularly called e-cigars, are a popular alternative to cigarettes. These are battery-powered and heat up the liquid […]

The Happy Buzz With Nicotine. Is It Worth It?

India has about 267 million tobacco users. One thing common amongst many of these consumers is perhaps their willingness to quit but wondering how to. But before we look at Nicotine alternatives, let’s first understand what Nicotine is and how it works.  The source Nicotine occurs naturally in tobacco leaves. Did you know that nicotine […]