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10 Questions To Ask Your Surgeon Before a Surgery

If you or your family member has been advised to undergo surgery for a certain health condition, the word ‘surgery’ could be enough to scare you, but knowing more about it can help you feel better and make things go smoothly. Before the surgery, it’s important to speak to your surgeon openly and get complete clarity. When we say clarity, we don’t mean just the reason for the surgery or the total cost but a lot more. Read on to know all that you must discuss with the surgeon…

1. About the Procedure

Request a clear explanation of the procedure. Ask about the steps involved, the expected duration and any potential risks or complications post surgery. Understanding what will happen during the surgery can prepare you mentally in advance.

2. Surgeon’s Experience

Inquire about your surgeon’s experience performing a specific surgery that you’re looking forward to. Once you know that the surgeon specializes or has ample experience in a certain procedure, you need not worry as you’re in safe hands.

3. Alternatives and Options

Discuss alternatives to surgery, if any. Are there non-invasive treatments or less invasive procedures that could work for your condition? Understanding your options can help in making an informed decision.

4. Risks and Complications

Every surgery carries some level of risk. Ask about potential complications specific to your case and how they can be managed. This helps in being mentally prepared and knowing what to watch for post-surgery.

5. Recovery Expectations

Understand what to expect during the recovery period. How long will it take to heal? What limitations or lifestyle changes might be necessary during the recovery phase?

6. Anesthesia Details

Inquire about the type of anesthesia that will be used and if there may be any associated risks or side effects. Understanding how you’ll be sedated or numbed can reduce the level of fear.

7. Hospital Stay and Post-Surgery Care

Ask about the expected duration of your hospital stay and what kind of aftercare will be needed post-discharge. Clear instructions can contribute significantly to a smooth recovery.

8. Preparation Instructions

Understand what preparations are needed before the surgery. This might include fasting, medications or lifestyle changes.

9. Health Insurance Clarity

This is an important aspect to consider before your surgery. Inquire about any out-of-pocket costs you might need to bear, such as deductibles or co-pays. Some surgeries might require specific pre-approval from your insurance provider, so discussing this with your surgeon beforehand can prevent any last-minute surprises.

10. Follow-up and Monitoring

Find out about follow-up appointments and monitoring post-surgery. Knowing how your progress will be tracked can give you instant peace of mind.