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How DRiefcase proved useful for a road accident survivor during post-surgery phase

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Case Summary

Tejashree, an avid motorcyclist, recently met with a ghastly road accident that left her with internal bleeding for which she had to go through a surgery. After her surgery, Tejashree had to make time for post-surgery reviews which are critical for long term positive impacts and require multiple doctoral visits along with an extensive array of lab tests and medicinal routines. Soon Tejashree was running with bulky paperwork from one appointment to another. This situation was inconvenient not only from the logistics point of view but also created issues on other levels such as storing and organising these documents. Thus, Tejashree felt an urgent need to find a smarter solution for managing this load of physical documents when during a consultation she had a bunch of medical documents but not the one the doctor asked for.

User Experience

Tejashree downloaded DRiefcase to offload all paper based medical records on the app. Digitising her medical document and storing them in DRiefcase’s cloud based smart health locker helped Tejashree to free herself of the tedious task of carrying them around and in getting a sense of normalcy whenever she was asked for medical records. Now all she had to do was open the DRiefcase app that stored all her documents and share a link of the documents to concerned parties.

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