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How DRiefcase helped a working mother take control of her child’s health

Bringing you and your family peace of mind and control in case of emergencies with intuitive ABDM integrated digital health locker

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Case Summary

Malan is a working mother of a 2-year old with a chronic health issue. She travels a lot for work and is very particular about her daughter’s timely medications. During one of these trips however, she misplaced one of her daughter’s prescription and couldn’t get it refilled. She had to cancel her trip and rush back home to get a new prescription in time. The chaos a simple document created was an eye-opener for Malan and her family.

User Experience

Work life balance is not easy and in situations where you have to manage home and work away from home or office is even harder. A little organized effort can not just save time and money but also avoids a lot of chaos. DRIEFCASE can help you achieve just that; peace of mind over chaos by providing universal access to health documents and better health outcome by it anytime from anywhere with or without network.

Take Care of Your Family while we take care of their health data

Solution & Result

One DRIEFCASE account for your entire family’s health records

Lifetime Free Account

Unlimited storage space with access to all features

100% Data Privacy

Only you can choose whom to share your health data with

Family Accounts

Create profiles of all family members with a single account. Know your family's health quotient

Multichannel Document Uploads

Easy upload of all health records including radiology, pathology and laboratory reports via Whatsapp, Email or Document Scanner

Auto-tagging & Indexing

DRIEFCASE tags & organizes all your records to facilitate quick retrieval anytime anywhere

Fast Retrieval & Universal Access

Locate & retrieve any record in under ten seconds even in no network zones without internet.