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How DRiefcase supported a PCOD patient with demands of her treatment

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Case Summary

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (or PCOD) is a widespread health issue in women caused by hormonal imbalance that could lead to some of the problems such as irregular menstrual periods, body hair growth, acne, and cyst in ovaries and requires huge lifestyle changes and undertakings from the patient. Patients are advised to follow a strict weight loss, diet, and exercise plan and to keep check on cholesterol and insulin levels. Furthermore, medicines such as birth control pills and Metformin may be prescribed to relieve the symptoms. Jharna, a working woman, is one of the millions of such women in India who was dealing with various symptoms of PCOD because of which she was advised to follow a strict treatment plan. To keep up with the needs of her treatment, Jharna was relying on different apps and manual methods for uses such as tracking periods, insulin levels, and medicine routine and setting reminders for exercise and diet. However, despite her best efforts, Jharna on many occasions forgot to do the needful. On top of it all, managing all the paperwork around her treatment was becoming a hassle as well. Thus, Jharna felt an urgent need to find an exhaustive and one-stop solution for managing her needs.

User Experience

Jharna started using DRiefcase as a trusted aid for setting up reminders for managing her diet along with the secure health locker that allowed her to not only manage all her medical documents but her lifestyle as well. Paired up with the nifty feature to retrieve and share medical documents within seconds from anywhere became a critical tool during times when sudden work came up and she was unable to meet her doctor at the appointed time. DRiefcase gave her the ability to connect with the doctor remotely with all of her medical history. Furthermore, having her diet chart synced with DRiefcase also supported Jharna with regular tracking of her health. DRiefcase further decreased her hassle of organising the documents as all documents on DRiefcase are tagged and indexed under various properties, making the entire process easy, fast, and stress free.

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