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How DRiefcase helped a parent manage her child’s vaccinations

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Case Summary

Newborn children have to go through a host of health checkups and vaccinations within the first few years.. Sandhya, a working, first time young mother, during one such visit to the paediatrician she forgot to carry her child’s vaccination chart, and on another such visit, she could not carry the same chart as she had misplaced it while changing houses recently. On both these occasions, the doctor requested to see the vaccination chart to decide the treatment. To avoid such situations happening in future, Sandhya needed a smarter solution to manage her child’s vaccinations and health records.

User Experience

Sandhya started using DRiefcase to manage all of her child’s medical documents. She uploaded all the medical documents in the health locker using which now never had to worry about misplacing or forgetting a medical record. Furthermore, using the Vaccination Chart feature, she could not keep a thorough track of all the vaccinations given and due. This not only helped Sandhya fulfil the doctor’s ask but also helped her become more proactive and cautious about her child’s health. She was able to become proactive in managing her own health history that could have an impact on her child’s future health. She was now aware about everything related to her child’s current and future vaccinations and was able to ask the right questions related to side-effects, vaccination after care etc to the doctor. A simple solution helped Sandhya become more confident and make better health decisions for herself and her child…

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