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How DRiefcase became an aid for a senior citizen and his family during lockdown

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Case Summary

Remote medical consultations are one of the best healthcare solutions in recent times as they solve the problem of access to faster and better health care. However these consultations can be ineffective in the absence of past and current medical records which form the basis for a doctor to understand the underlying health issues and to decide its line of treatment. While setting up a remote medical consultation is mostly a simple and quick process, doing so is not so straightforward for people who are not comfortable with modern technologies. Girish, a senior citizen living away from his children, faced both these issues during the recent lockdown restrictions imposed in the pandemic. Girish fell ill and needed to get himself checked by a doctor. Since visiting a doctor was not a safe option due to the fear of Covid-19, Girish and his family arranged a remote medical consultation. Girish and his family struggled to retrieve some of the key, past medical reports required for the consultation and had difficulty sharing the same with his children as well.o His weak health conditions and absence of outside help made the situation even more complicated. Nevertheless, the family went ahead with the online consultation, but the doctor requested to push the call to a later time since he could not have a complete view of Girish’s medical history and asked for required and necessary medical tests done. With a lot of difficulty, somehow Girish and his family managed to arrange the documents needed for the next consultation. This experience made his children more aware of their father’s ailing health and its vulnerability to COVID-19 and made them realise the need for a user-friendly digital solution to manage their father’s health.

User Experience

Girish’s children started using DRiefcase as a one stop solution for all of his healthcare management needs. With DRiefcase’s health locker and family account features, Girish’s children were able to keep full control and access to his medical records along with doctor’s notes associated with these medical records. Additionally, features such as unique DRiefcase ID and uploading documents over WhatsApp allowed his children and Girish to easily of upload necessary medical documents. DRIEFCASE helped Girish and his family stay on top of their health and get a better health outcome for him. DRIEFCASE made a very stressful situation stress-free for the Patel family.

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