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How DRiefcase Helped an Asthma Patient with an Improved Medical Diagnosis

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Case Summary

Jai, a 29-year old entrepreneur, was diagnosed with Asthma during childhood and has since been following an action plan and medication. Nevertheless, there is always a risk with Asthma patients of getting triggered with its symptoms due to various factors such as temperature changes and allergens. Jay too has experienced such Asthma attacks unpredictably and had to rush to doctors for relief. However, since Jay on most occasions failed to produce his previous medical records, his doctors treated him on the basis of a common Asthmatic attack as they lacked vital information about his medical history required to treat him accurately. During one such visit for treatment, Jai’s doctor pointed him out to the importance of maintaining medical history.

User Experience

Jay used DRiefcase to upload all his medical documents in its in-built health locker so as to keep them all in a central location from where he could access them anytime, anywhere. As he continued to do so, he built a consistent and well ordered medical history that proved helpful for his doctors to prescribe him a more suitable course of treatment for his Asthma attacks.

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