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How DRiefcase eased rehab progress for a young smoker

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Case Summary

Sumit is a budding digital marketer who is working for a leading software company which is expanding its operations. Being an enthusiastic problem solver he has to go through various tense situations on a day to day basis and so had developed a smoking habit as a coping mechanism. Few years ago, however he had recently started to slowly evade the urge of smoking and had enrolled in an online rehab program. Being a habitual smoker, the rehab program required him to follow a strict regime and also wanted a major undertaking in form of time and patience, this became a major setback for Sumit as he already had a lot on his plate.

User Experience

I had reached a dead end with my new year resolution to quit smoking, as all my attempts to follow the schedule given by the rehab was failing, it was at this time when I learned about DRiefcase from a friend while he was reading an article from a health magazine. I have since then given all the grunt work with respect to managing my appointments to scheduling reminders and keeping track of prescriptions to DRiefcase. All this has made my journey much more consistent and smoother and I am happy to report that I am successfully on my last leg of rehab.

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