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How DRiefcase “reminders” supported complete care & active recovery for a kidney stone patient

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Case Summary

Dinesh is a family man and senior professional who was recently diagnosed with Kidney Stones. Kidney Stone takes painfully long and involves a cumbersome process with multiple moving parts such as regular scans and check ups along with a strict water intake routine, all of which require substantial time and focus. Due to Dinesh’s various responsibilities at home and work and distractions of his modern life, he could not remain regular with the prescribed treatment and consequently fell severely ill. This episode made Dinesh realise the need for a tech tool that could help him stay actively engaged in his treatment plan for faster recovery.

User Experience

Dinesh started using DRiefcase to track and set timely reminders related to his health issues. He used the Reminders feature on DRiefcase to schedule multiple reminders for steps such as to drink water, go for check ups, and refill medicines. The reminders effectively ensured that Dinesh stayed consistent with his treatment. With a little help from DRiefcase, Dinesh soon got on the road to recovery and recovered well.

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