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DRiefcase Launches 'Call For Blood' to Simplify Blood Donations in India

We are happy to announce about our latest app feature – ‘Call for Blood’ that aims to meet the urgent need for blood donations during medical crises.

Now, within a city, users looking for blood can easily connect with willing donors through the DRiefcase app. Harsh Parikh, Co-Founder of DRiefcase, expressed pride in introducing ‘Call for Blood,’ emphasizing the team’s dedication to making quality healthcare accessible and convenient for everyone. He stated, “It’s more than just an app feature; it’s a lifeline for those in need. Our aim is to save lives and ensure vital resources are always within reach.”

To use the feature, recipients simply need to download our app, locate the ‘Call for Blood’ icon in the main menu and provide essential details such as their name, blood group, contact information and location. Once submitted, the request appears in the app, and notifications are sent to DRiefcase users within the same geographical area.

The launch of ‘Call for Blood’ aligns with DRiefcase’s commitment to fostering a community of caring individuals, ensuring prompt assistance when needed the most. Additionally, with the app surpassing 5 million users, this feature highlights the brand’s dedication to advancing healthcare and contributing positively to society, as part of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission that aims to enhance the well-being of every citizen.