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हमारी कहानी

हमारी यात्रा DRIEFCASE के साथ 5 साल पहले शुरू हुई थी। स्थापना के वर्षों से ही हमारा ध्यान स्वास्थ्य रिकॉर्ड प्रबंधन के बोझ को सरल बनाने और मरीजों और डॉक्टरों के बीच की जानकारी की खाई को कम करने पर था, जिससे मेडिकल इतिहास तक पहुंच जल्दी और आसान हो सके।

The problem statement was simple – patients and doctors take care of health, not health records. This leads to a serious information gap, not only between the doctor and the patient, but also other stakeholders such insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and the Government.

Our expertise on the PHR platform allowed us to actively contribute to the development of the patient-side framework of the ABDM (Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission). Today, DRIEFCASE is India′s only fully ABDM integrated health-tech solution that allows users to easily securely store, access and share their medical records in the healthcare ecosystem within a matter of few seconds.

We at DRIEFCASE are committed to the ABDM one-health mission and are continually working on building a fully connected healthcare ecosystem focused on easing the Personal Health Records (PHR) management for a well-informed data driven health journey for all.

Empowering Digital India to manage consent-based health records easily

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